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SGM Trading is a Brisbane based, boutique gas trading company operating within the Australian East Coast Gas Market whose size and market position allows for ultimate flexibility and responsiveness.

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Who we are

Our mission is to provide gas to market avenues for both gas consumers and producers.

SGM Trading was founded by Brendan Dillon who has been operating within the East Coast Gas Market for over ten years and has an in-depth understanding of each of the markets and how they influence each other. We work with gas producers, retailers and industrial gas users to manage long and short gas positions on their gas supply or demand positions.

What we do

Spot gas trading and term gas contracts.
SGM Trading has access to all the major markets on the Australian East Coast including:

•Brisbane STTM and Sydney STTM
•Gas Supply Hub – allows for gas sales, purchases and swaps at the key trading points
•Wallumbilla, SEQ, Moomba; as well as any other agreed point by using the Alternative Delivery Point location.

•Day Ahead Auction- unused contracted pipeline transport capacity is auctioned off each night to the highest bidder for following gas day.
•Capacity Trading Platform- allows GSH participants to buy and sell their transport rights.
•Vic Market– DWGM

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